Miracle Experience


Tis the season again, boys and girls! The elves over here at Miracle On Main have awoken from their slumber(in a good way, not like a world-killing supervillain way) to begin converting 158 On Main, the coolest cocktail bar in Mooresville into MIRACLE ON MAIN, the CHILLEST Christmas Experience in all of LKN-Land! In order to ensure that all of our patrons have the cheeriest, gleeful time during their visits with us, Santa has laid down some ground rules for the Miracle On Main experience.

  • There will be NO reservations for tables during Miracle On Main due to the avalanche of traffic coming in through the door on a daily basis.

  • On the note of no reservations, there will be a time limit of TWO hours per table. Please come in, enjoy the magic, make your memories (tag us!!) and then be on your merry way to allow other spirited folks to enjoy it after you!

  • The wonderful whiskey-filled wonderland of Miracle On Main is an experience for patrons 21 and up only! No matter how high up on the nice list your perfect little sugarplums are, this 8 week holiday party is only for those of legal drinking age!

  • The mugs provided for our Miracle On Main specialty cocktails are NOT included in the price of the drink. We will have elves standing by if you would like to purchase a mug to take home as a keepsake!

  • The elves here at Miracle on Main work very hard day in and day out to make some incredible, memorable, and intricate libations for you. Please be courteous to your bar elves, as they have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. If you are found to be overly intoxicated or are displaying overly-boisterous/ indecent behavior such as profanity or abusive language, you will be removed immediately from the building. Remember, it's CHRISTMAS. Have FUN!

  • While we encourage you to dress the part in your costumes, ugly sweaters, Santa hats and alike, we do not permit cuts or colors in the bar of any kind. Please leave them at home and wear some fun pajamas instead.

  • Please do not bring any drugs of any kind into our establishment, even if you have the intent on sharing with the whole bar. It's not permitted and you'll be asked to leave immediately.

  • Most importantly, and partially to reiterate, above…be nice! Even if not to get/stay on the nice list or to spread Christmas cheer…but because the world is a super scary and uncertain place these days, Miracle On Main is an experience to escape the harshness of the last couple years. Be cool, have fun, make memories…and tip big. It's the holidays after all!