Antique Spirits

Embark on a Timeless Journey with Antique Spirits at 158 on Main Step into a world where history pours into every glass – 158 on Main is honored to become your gateway to the exclusive realm of Antique Spirits. These spirits are not merely drinks; they are timeless treasures, distilled by craftsmen of yesteryears whose art has vanished into the mists of time, now accessible to only a discerning few.

Embrace the opportunity to become part of an elite guild, custodians of a rich heritage. Our Antique Spirits are more than a taste; they are an invitation to weave your own stories into the tapestry of history, to savor flavors that echo the past, and to forge connections with fellow enthusiasts and curious minds.

At 158 on Main, our passion lies in unraveling the romance and lore that Antique Spirits carry with them. It's a voyage into the heart of what makes these spirits so extraordinary—their provenance, their legacy, and the unparalleled journey from their inception to your glass. Join us, and let every sip transport you through time, offering a glimpse into the soul of bygone eras.

The Current Inventory

bottle of 1961 I.W Harper bourbon on a table

• 1961 I.W Harper (5 Year, 100 Proof): Savor the Frankfort classic that captures the bold spirit of the '60s from I.W. Harper Distilling.

bottle of 1962 Old Grand-Dad bourbon on a table

• 1962 Old Grand-Dad (5 Year, 100 Proof): A potent heirloom from Old Grand Dad Distillery, embodying Frankfort's rich distilling heritage.

bottle of 1964 Echo Springs bourbon on a table

• 1964 Echo Springs (4 Year, 86 Proof): Louisville's Echo Springs Distillery offers a whisper of vintage charm in every sip.

bottle of 1965 Very Very Old Fitzgerald bourbon on a table

• 1965 Very Very Old Fitzgerald (12 Year, 90 Proof): A luxurious treasure from Stitzel-Weller Distillery, inviting you to indulge in Louisville's opulent history

bottle of 1967 J.W. Dant bourbon on a table

• 1967 J.W. Dant (7 Year, 86 Proof): Relish in the craftsmanship of The Dant Distillery with this Louisville aged rarity.

bottle of 1968 Gromme's & Ullrich on a table

• 1968 Gromme's & Ullrich (7 Year, 90 Proof): From Chicago's Gromme's & Ullrich Whiskey Co., a spirit as bold and unique as the city itself.

bottle of 1968 Cream of Kentucky on a table

• 1968 Cream of Kentucky (7 Year, 80 Proof): A Frankfort gem, Cream of Kentucky Distillery offers a smooth journey through time.

bottle of 1971 Old Sunny Brook on a table

• 1971 Old Sunny Brook (6 Year, 86 Proof): Old Sunny Brook Distillery of Louisville distills a sunny spirit of yesteryears into every bottle.

bottle of 1974 Old Crow on a table

• 1974 Old Crow (6 Year, 86 Proof): From the storied cellars of Old Crow Distillery in Frankfort, a sip of history awaits.

bottle of 1983 Benchmark  on a table

• 1983 Benchmark (6 Year, 86 Proof): A testament to Louisville's Old Benchmark Distillery, this spirit sets the bar for aged excellence.

bottle of 1986 Wild Turkey on a table

• 1986 Wild Turkey (8 Year, 101 Proof): Unleash the robust character of Lawrenceburg with this bold expression from Austin Nichols Distilling Co.

bottle of 2002 Wild Turkey on a table

• 2002 Wild Turkey (12 Year, 101 Proof): The new millennium's first toast, crafted with care by Austin Nichols Distilling Co. in Lawrenceburg.

Bourbon Guild Membership

Join the Bourbon Guild at 158 on Main for an exclusive monthly tasting event, beginning on April 30th, 2024. Gather with us on the last Tuesday of each month, with a brief hiatus in November and December.

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